Home learning

Ismail and Zahra have made their very own Stickmen at home!


Christmas has arrived in Early Years!

We have been working really hard on our Nativity! We're almost ready for our performances on the 18th December at 9.15am and 2pm. We have started to make our Christmas cards and we have put up our tree. We have even started to make our own decorations to put on it. 

Home learning

Look at our amazing home learning! We have been working really hard both in Nursery and at home to learn all about Stickman and his Christmas adventure.


This week Early Years have been learning all about Stickman. We had a very special letter from Stickman and he asked us if we could write back to him. We have been very busy learning all about his adventures and we have produced some super work both in school and at home!

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