What can you see in the picture?

8490357-orig_orig(Step 3 onward is aimed at Reception children)

Step 1: Talk about what you can see and what you think could be happening. Lets use our imagination… Where do the steps lead to? Where was this picture taken? Have you ever been on a walk near the beach? What might be right at the top of the steps?

Step 2: Can you play ispy? How many different things can you see in the picture?

Step 3: Write down a list of the things you can see.

Step 4: Write a sentence about what you can see. You could use the sentence starter ‘I can see …’ ‘The steps go to …’  or create your own, more interesting sentence beginnings.


Sound out each word yourself!

Leave a finger space/ white space after each word!

You need a capital letter at the start of each sentence and a full stop at the end.

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