Lets play a game!

Today’s challenge is a reading, writing and a maths challenge all in one!

We’re going to play a matching game!

You will need: 1 piece of paper and a pen

Step 1:

Write down some words, I have chosen to write down the tricky words. You have to write the same word twice.


Step 2: 

Cut out each word to make word cards. IMG_1135


Step 3 :

Turn over all the cards so you cannot see what is written on them.


Step 4: 

Take turns to turn over 2 cards. Read each card. Do they match?

IMG_1137 I turned over no and into. They don’t match so I need to turn them both back over.

 Now it is the next persons turn…

IMG_1138 They have turned over to and to. They match so they get to keep them.



When you have matched all of the words write a list of the words you have found.

Time to count. Who has matched the most words?

There are lots of different ways you can play this game.

You could match:

Amounts to the correct numeral

Capital letters and lower case letters

Pictures to words

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