Lets play a game

Can you play a game of Naughts and  Crosses?

How to play…

Each player takes it in turn to place their X or O into one of the empty squares in the grid. To win the game get 3 of your symbols in a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally!

Hand-drawn tic-tac-toe game  O won this game as there’s 3 in a row!


How to make your own game of Naughts and Crosses …

You will need:

2 pieces paper

Optional: stones, colouring pencils


How to make:

Step 1 –

Cut 1 piece of paper into 4 strips.

With the other piece of paper cut it into 2 different shape, I have chosen rectangles and triangles.


You can use stones and draw an O or an X on each stone.


Now you are ready to play.

Set the strips of paper out into a grid and play!

Make sure you keep score to see who has won!

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