I love making patterns! See if you can finish these repeating patterns ... This pattern is a candle, a book, a candle, a book, a candle... What comes next? Its a book! Can you finish this pattern ... A green plant, a pink plant, a green plant, a pink plant... What comes next? A green... Continue Reading →

Environmental maths

I wonder what you could find in the environment... Can you find things to count? I counted the number of petals on the Buttercup... There are 5.   Can you find shapes? I found lots of different shapes... which ones can you see? Maybe you could use sticks or natural objects to make a shape.... Continue Reading →

Environmental print

I have been on a walk and I noticed that there are lots of signs, words and letters on our streets. I wonder if you could spot any on your walk? What you you think the sign means? Can you see any words with the sign? What do you think the words say? Can you see... Continue Reading →

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